If You Can Dream It You Can Achieve It!

Florida is known for its beautiful sunny weather, gorgeous beaches and even home of many northern retirees. Florida is also known for being vulnerable to damage from tropical storms and hurricanes. When major storms sweep through a town, the winds are so powerful that lots of times, people suffer water damage due to the windows being blown out and their roofs being damaged. Most people have your typical wooden roof with shingles that has some sort of water proof lining underneath. However, this is little defense against powerful storm winds that can actually snatch the entire roof completely off!

When it comes to storm preparedness, most people would think about things such as storing food and water. Of course, you want to do these things also but as for me and my wife, we decided to take things a step further. After retiring last year, we purchased a home in Palm Springs, Florida not too far from the beach. While the weather is divine, we also had to think of ways to be super prepared for when, not if, another storm shall hit.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, the entire nation witnessed the devastation that such a storm caused. It was compared to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina! While we knew we wanted to retire in Florida for it’s beauty and retiree friendly communities and living, we also had to be realistic as well. We heard stories about people being trapped for days without power as well as being stuck inside flooded houses as was the case in Texas. We knew that having all the water and food stored in the world would not do us any good if our home was flooded and the conditions became hazardous, contaminated and uninhabitable.

So my wife and I decided to tack securing the structure of our roof to start. We decided it was best to swap out our traditional wooden roof for a metal one. While checking around, some of the quotes we got for a new roof were astronomical to say the least! I then searched for some DIY Metal Roofs florida and found the process to be something I could do myself. It would take some time and lots of hard work, but it was worth saving the thousands of dollars a professional would charge us. While it was indeed hard work, together, my wife and I got it done along with the help of a couple of neighbors here and there who also decided to swap out their roofs themselves. This little DIY project ended up being a sort of community effort, helping us all to get to know one another better and build a solidarity, if you will.

Once we tackled the roofing, we then went onto the installing some metal shutters as well as a few solar panels with a backup generator. For the price that the roof alone would have cost us, we were able to add all of these extras for less than the originally quoted price. It just goes to show you that if you can dream it, you can definitely achieve it. Just take everything one step at a time, and you will get there for sure! Good luck!