Small Changes Make Big Impacts

When it comes to my home, I don’t think there is anything I love more than having a beautiful interior. Having the right decor as well as textures and colors can not only change the way a room looks but also it can change the way it feels. I am all about having the right ambiance and setting the mood which is why almost every room in my home somewhat tells a story and has a certain tone to it. You can literally feel the vibe of the look I set out to achieve with every room from the living room even to the bathroom.

I have always believed that in order to have the best outcome when it comes to decorating or doing your home’s interior, you must start with an awesome base and then go from there. Nowadays, many people are opting for wallpaper especially the textured kind, however, I am still somewhat old school and prefer my walls to be painted. I have always felt that painted walls are the perfect backdrop to a room without being too loud. While I love a well-painted wall, as much as I love decorating, painting is just not one of my favorite things to do. When I wanted to repaint my son’s nursery, I searched for any residential painting services littleton co. Not only were we able to find an affordable painter, but he was also able to do the job quickly and very professionally. Our son’s room went from a pink princess wonderland to a blue prince in the jungle theme in no time.

Because I love painting so much, I am one of those people who actually collect paint swatches when I am out and about even if I don’t plan on painting any time soon. Call me crazy, but I just love to “window shop” for paint colors and store them for later. This way, whenever or if ever I do decide to paint, I will have already had a few favorite colors to choose from. Another reason why I love painted walls so much is because of the flexibility it allows. With wallpaper, especially heavy-duty types, it takes so much to remove it that to me, it is just not worth it. But with paint, I can change the colors whenever the mood strikes me, which is usually every few seasons, and call it a day.

It’s amazing what a slight change in decor or color can do to not only change the way space looks but also the way it makes you feel. When my bathroom was white, it felt, you know, like a bathroom. However, when we changed the color to light mint green, suddenly, our bathroom became a day spa. It literally felt super relaxing and inviting the way a spa would feel and that’s why I will always have an affinity for paint. Painting is the cheapest, especially if you do it yourself, the most durable, and in my opinion, the most attractive.